The kennels are situated outside Durham in a secluded quiet area surrounded by fields and trees providing a tranquil environment.

Dogs of all breeds and sizes are welcome and accepted for boarding on both long and short term stays. Each dog has their own kennel, which in winter is centrally heated, to provide a warm and cosy environment. All dogs will have access to a covered outdoor run, and are exercised, sometimes unsupervised, daily on a individual basis in the outdoor paddock.

Everything, blankets toys and plastic beds are provided to make their stay as comfortable as possible.

Dogs are fed on either fresh tripe/meat and/or a complete feed. Any special diets or medication can be catered for.

Very strict standards of hygiene are maintained and at present although not compulsory, for young/old/frail dogs kennel cough vaccine is very strongly recommended.

If required a fully air conditioned and equipped vehicle is available to transport (up to 5 dogs) your pets in safety and style.